Villetta Claudia on the beach

general informations
Distance from the beach
Distance from the town
Distance from the city
10km Marsala
Distance from the airport
25km Trapani, 120km Palermo
completely restored in 2018
classical old building form the 9th century
37 sqm
Number of floors
Number of rooms
Number of bathrooms
Number of sleeping rooms
equipment supply house
Windows in the bathroom
state of bathrooms
on the property
Public water tube
not yet
fountain with pump
Exact position
almost at the beach
size of the land
820 sqm
€ 140.000,00 + 3,6% commission incl VAT,

Villetta Claudia


The small tufa house has a height of five meters and a side length of five meters each. In the 9th century, the house was built as a water reservoir for the inhabitants of the tower of Sibiliana. At some point, the water storage became a house, so the former walls of the reservoir have a depth of 50 cm. The renewed walls were built in normal size tufa.


The entire house is built of tuff, which probably has its origin in sea, as you can still see the embedded seashells today. In order to avoid the very well insulating tufa stones from drawing water from below, a base of plastic elements was installed around and under the floor, which insulates and keeps the moisture away. Also double-glazed windows were installed. The window frames and shutters are made of aluminum. To gain housing space, a wooden floor was installed behind the stone arch in the house, upstairs is the bedroom. The stone arch is open to the bedroom in the upper area and can be closed from the bedroom with a curtain. A wooden staircase leads to this area. The bathroom is spacious, there is a sink, a boiler, a shower, a toilet and a bidet, and a window.


The kitchen is built in typical country style and tiled. Underneath the marble countertap, the marble comes from Trapani, there is room for some supplies, an electric oven, a gas bottle and storage space for cleaning supplies and tools and a washing machine. The fridge has a freezer and stands next to the kitchen. The stove is a gas stove. Directly from the window, which is located above the marble sink, you have a view of the garden and the olive trees that serve as hedges in this area.


The roof is a flat roof and already tiled and prepared to realize a roof terrace. From here, but also from all other positions on the property, you have a view of the islands Favignana and Marettimo, as well as a wide view until the city of Marsala. The staircase is not mounted yet.


An alarm system is installed in the house, but it does not have to be taken by the new owner. It is being serviced by a company that also intervenes immediately in an emergency.


The garden was just landscaped, so the trees and plants are still quite young. Since the house is in the back of the property, there is enough space in front of the house for parking. Outside the property is a small parking lot with a small "hill". The area with the hill and the small parking lot is part of the property, shared with the surrounding owners.


In the back of the garden there is a natural well, which, due to the closeness to the sea, provides slightly salty water. The city council talks about connecting the suburb to the municipal water supply in the near future, but the date is not known exactly. Therefore, a cistern with 5,000 liters of water was installed. To fill the cistern, the "water supplier" is called, he comes on demand even the same day. A delivery of 7,000 liters costs 40 euros, so it would make sense to connect a second tank with 2,000 liters of water.


The road leading to Sibiliana is paved and easy to reach. The other road, which leads directly to the sea and right up to the house, is not tarred.


The old ruin that has developed into a little jewel is really pretty and will certainly gain in value due to the accurate building permits.


Marsala is 10 km away. Marsala is a small pretty town that became famous for the Marsala wine. The world-famous wineries Florio, Pellegrino and Donnafugata are located there. The Trapani region is well known for its viticulture. Grape vines characterize the entire picture of this area.


Sandy beaches, small fishing ports and a very good restaurant are within 10 minutes walking distance. The water is very clean and rich in fish.


Towards south, Mazara del Vallo is about 16 km away. Both cities, Mazara del Vallo and Marsala, invite you to window shopping of their many shops. During the summer there are many festivals and events everywhere in the area. In about 4 km one will find all shops such as fishmonger, bakers, grocery stores, bars, fruit and vegetable shops and many other small shops. From Marsala and Mazara there is a ferry service to the islands of Favignana, Marettimo and Levanzo. Trapani is about 40 km away and has a better selection of shops than Mazara and Marsala, and from here you can reach the historic town of Erice by cable railway. The area around Trapani is rich in sights, salt pans (in Marsala and Trapani), historic buildings, museums, outdoor thermal baths, the famous Stagnone of Marsala with its hot spot for kite surfers ....

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