Work situation in Sicily

Work situation in Sicily

Many of our guests would like to live in Sicily for an extended period or even permanently. However, if you are not independently wealthy or a retiree, and must work to support yourself, it can be problematic. Unemployment is terribly high in southern Italy. The key to getting a job is "relations", which foreigners usually do not have. But we have put together some tips and ideas for those who want to work while living in Italy.

Naturally, if you are considering this seriously, you have been thinking a long time about how to orient yourself professionally in Italy. And when it comes to a job search, purely objective matters such as age, gender, qualifications, professional experience, language skills, etc., are all important. But just like with central Europe, if you are particularly interested in finding a job in Sicily, these criteria are not necessarily important. In a region with a historically high level of unemployment, other things like networking and family relations are usually the decisive factor. Without these, self-employment is usually the occupation of choice.

There are certainly EU subsidies for self-employment, but these always come with a lot of bureaucracy and take a lot of time.

In any case, you can come prepared with translations of all your documents - though not all certification is recognized. Italian consulates in your area may recognize your school and professional qualifications or 'describe' your titles so that future employers have some idea of what you can achieve.

In the case of many certifications, authorities require a translated diploma to be recognized in Italy. Further, you may need to consult with your health insurance company to see if it is possible to extend its coverage to Italy.

When it comes to the Italian language, visit for a language course that will prepare you for the country, language, and people. You may find the "Learning while working" course ideal which offers:

"Learning while working" is a course offering that gives the opportunity to get an idea of working life in southern Italy through an internship following a preparatory language course. Provides: 4-week Italian combo course (4 lessons per week plus 1 private lesson daily) followed by a 4-week internship in a company, office, or service. You will be helped by employees with any 'problems'. And the additional one-on-one lessons will teach you the necessary technical terms, expressions, and information used in your work situation. This combination allows you to use the knowledge of the language you have learned in both everyday life and in working situations. 



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