Consulting and support in buying a real estate

You found your real estate - and you could need some help?

More and more people who found their dream house already send us requests for consulting and support in terms of negotiation, object oberservation, checking of documents and concluding the purchase. Surely, one feels better with a german or english speaking person aside that offers a lot of know-how and experience as well. Not only we have a lot of experience with purchases, we also have personal experiences as we bought, rent and restored houses in Sicily too. By time, we built up our network of reliable and competent partners and craftman all over Sicily and we would be happy to share it with you! 

Please contact us before starting to negotiate prices or conditions. In this way, we might be able to offer our service almost "for free" as we have experience in negotiating with local agents and sellers. Prices and conditions might change to your benefit. Moreover, it happened already that we adviced a client to not buy the house. May it be for mistakes in documents or mispresenting the particular object.

The most important people to consult in the buying process are an experienced architect and an honest notary. Unfortunately, it is quite common that people loose a lot of time being focused on a particular object that, due to legal or tecnical problems, can not be bought at the end.

Another important note is that it should be the buyer who chooses a notary, architect or construction company. If you do not know people within the area where you plan to buy your house, it might become risky to follow the advices of the seller. 

Get in contact with us if you desire more information or send us a request for an individual offer. 


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